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Hey there!

My name is Aleksandra (aka Aleks aka Ali depending on who you talk to) and I'm a vegan currently living in Los Angeles, by ways of Chicago. You might be wondering, "Where the heck does Seka come from?" Well, it not only comes from the letters of my name, but in Serbian (my family roots come from Serbia), "seka" stands for sister/sis, so while I quite literally am someone's vegan sister, I can hopefully be that vegan sis for you too.

After spending a generous chunk of my spare time over the last 10 years watching videos and reading books about plant-based vegan living, I realized I was in need of an outlet to share my passion and curiosities of following a vegan and ethical lifestyle in today's here it is!

This journey began in 2013 shortly after taking matters into my own hands as I was battling cystic acne for 5+ years as well as suffering from other bodily ailments. I decided to take a holistic approach towards finding a cure and ended up finding a full-proof solution by going vegan, but it didn't stop there. Making a conscious effort to cut out animal products from my diet, clothing, beauty, and household products whenever possible has made and continues to make an important and positive impact not only on my life, but the lives of other beings and this planet. 

I want to use this blog as a creative space for sharing my thoughts, ideas, testimonials, and findings as I continue on this journey. After all, it would be quite selfish of me to not share my knowledge as I continue to learn and grow within this lifestyle as it might help some of you too!

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